Monday, March 14, 2011

Cincinnati Zoo

Last week was Spring Break at Western, so Micah took a couple of days off from work and we headed up to Cincinnati to take Jude to the zoo. What fun!

 Seeing the animals for the first time:

 These crocs were totally chilled out!

Watching the gorilla was so interesting. I think he was equally as fascinated with us.

Lazy day in the tigers' den.
I loved the peacocks. How beautiful are those colors??

Can you believe that Jude hardly showed any interest in this guy??

We don't have the best track record for taking good photos together...hehe, but I still love it :)

Leaving the zoo on Daddy's shoulders.

Zoo Outtakes! (And Jude talking on his cell phone)

P.S...Thank you, Meme and Granddaddy for my new shirt!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Bigger Everyday!

Well, I've been trying to upload a super-cute video these past couple of days, but for some reason it's just not working. BOO. So, I'll leave you with these little nuggets for now :)

Playing in the yard with Daddy...isn't he getting big?!

The boy's got moves. 

Watching his video... How cute is this? Let me give you a close up...

Cute, right?

hehehe....I love it :)

For Aunt Bethany...He wore this again (for the 100th time!)
and I just had to take a picture. So cute!

For Meme... I meant to upload this for you a long time ago.
This was actually filmed before Jude started walking on his own!
He loves his toy cart :)