Thursday, September 30, 2010

That's How He Rolls.

 I guess he likes the wind in his hair :)

I took this little man for a walk today. He loves the outdoors!

But he hates the grass. 

Overall, we had a great day.

(Check out my teeth!)

The End :)

Eat • PLAY • Love

8 Months

On September 23, Jude turned 8 months old! This boy is on the move! He is crawling, pulling up, and climbing! In addition to his two bottom teeth, he now has one top tooth and the second one should peek through any day. I'm not sure about his height these days, but I know he weighs around 23 pounds. He still eats well, but he's beginning to prefer table food over his jarred food. Thankfully, he loves his momma's cooking! Bottles are a different story...we're having trouble getting liquid down Mr. Man. He refuses a bottle because he associates it with sleep, and he hasn't yet mastered the art of drinking from a sippy cup. Any tips from you mommas out there??

Stayed tuned...more pics to come!