Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jude's First Day of School

Jude started attending Mother's Day Out at our church 1 morning a week. He loves it! Here are a few pics from his first day :)

Big boys take pacis and lovies to school, right?
I guess he still has a little bit of baby left in him, afterall :)
 Excited to go to school!

With Daddy before school.
 With Momma before school.

After school with the hat he made. He learned about the color red!


  1. He sure is growing Katie! He looks a little worn out from school in the last picture. HA!

  2. He is too cute Katie. I bet Jude will love the mother's morning out program. Molly really enjoyed our Church's preschool when she was little. I love all the pics of Jude's first day.